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Learn How to Massage

How to massage, focused on the spine and the back.
Full Back Massage

A practitioner taught how to conduct a back massage.
Medical Massage

A guide on how to give a massage by a specialist.

Massage for the Stomach

Massage for the rectus abdominis muscles.
Indian Head Massage

A demonstration of a massage applied to the head.
Shin and Thigh Massage

A practitioner shows a massage on the shin and thigh.


Tibetan Acupressure

Pressure point healing which boosts the corrective energies.
Ancient Thai Massage

A sample of thai massage practiced mostly by women.
Ayurveda Massage

Indian method where oils are widely employed.

Qi Gong

Utilization of cranial and neck methods with Qi Gong.
Shiatsu Technique

Japanese Shiatsu applied to the patient's head.
Hot Stone Massage

Demonstration of the use of stones in Hawaiian-style.


Sports Massage

The practitioner uses the technique with Ice Therapy.
Deep Tissue Massage

Therapist applies compression certain points of the tissue.
Facial Massage

Teaches the form of apply a facial treatment by oneself.

Lymphatic Drainage

A therapist shows the detoxification of the body.
Reflexology - The Feet

Based on the theory that the feet are a map of the body.
Watsu - Water Shiatsu

Lovely video of this method applied in a pool.


Infant Massage

Techniques with the palm of the motherís hand.
Pregnancy Massage

Designed to alleviate the aches during pregnancy and birth.
Couple Massage

Both receive it simultaneously by two practitioners.

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