Benefits of Massage by Levels Benefits of massage theraphy can also be classified by levels, as follows:
  1. Physical Level:
    Permits deep relaxation and stress diminution.
    Alleviates muscle tension and rigidity.
    Decreases muscle spasm and tension.
    Increases joint mobility and flexibility.
    Augments ease and efficiency of motion.
    Allows deeper and easier breathing.
    Improves circulation of lymph and blood fluids.
    Reduces high blood pressure and heart rate.
    Relieves the discomfort caused by headaches and eyestrain.
    Gets better posture.
    Permits speedier healing of injuried muscles and ligaments.
    Makes the skin healthier and better nourished.
    Decreases formation of excessive scar tissue.
    Strengthens the immune system.
    Enhances athletic performance.
    Relieves discomfort during pregnancy.
    Helps in rehabilitation post-operative.

  2. Mental Level:
    Relaxes status of alertness.
    Reduces mental stress.
    Promotes capacity for calm mind and creativity.
    Improves the capacity to monitor stress signs and react properly.
    Increases ability for more lucid thinking.
    Promotes better sleep.

  3. Emotional Level:
    Gets feeling of well-being.
    Satisfies the necessity of caring and nurturing touch.
    Calms a bad temper.
    Improves ease of emotional expression.
    Enhances self-esteem.
    Diminishes levels of anxiety.
    Boosts consciousness of the body- mind relationship.
    Provides a sense of being integrated and in harmony.