Alternatives to Massage Oil Therapists and massage practitioners frequently utilize specially-formulated massage creams, lotions and gels as a good alternative to massage oils. The most relevant characteristics of these products are:
    It allows a balance between workable massage oil and an absorbable lotion. Massage creams glide without difficulty over the skin producing a surface which is neither dry nor slippery.

    There are several kinds of massage creams accessible for a range of techniques; however, they are more employed in deep tissue styles of massage. The thicker texture of cream provides a correct amount of resistance and permits therapists to infiltrate profoundly into the tissues.

    Massage cream leave a non-greasy feeling and the amount of cream used is less compared to oils. They are ideal for therapists that require more glide than a lotion provides, and people can utilize the creams for lighter forms of relaxation massage.

    It is a functional option to massage oil and an important component of deep tissue and non-slip methods. Lotions offer a non-greasy formula that is perfect for medium glide and maximum friction, but without extreme dragging on the skin. Consequently, they provide a fine relief of tension and stress.

    There are many types of massage lotions accessible. The majority of them are a blend of oils to create a singular texture.

    Lotions aren't absorbed quickly into the skin and don't leave a sticky feeling. Its lubrication feature permits a good grip for deep tissue. However, massage lotions can also be employed for relaxation or lighter techniques.

    They are another interesting option to massage oils, creams and lotions. Their light formula allows moisturizing the skin as well as massaging oils do, but applying a minor quantity of the product in larger surface areas. This is because gel isn't rapidly absorbed to skin, becoming ideal for prolonged massage sessions.

    There exist many varieties of massage gels, but all of them share similar features. Gels nourish the skin and don't leave a greasy sense after a treatment. As a result, skin achieves a conditioned and smooth texture.

    Versatile massage gel lubrication can be used in different treatments, but it is more effective for light to semi-deep bodywork.