Sunflower Oil Oils have been employed in massage treatments for thousands of years. Nowadays there are available several types of oils with various healthy uses. These massage oils can be applied alone or in combination.

The reason of utilize oil is to ease the gliding over the patient's skin. Oils contain elements for nourishing the skin and promoting well-being. Essential oils (aromatic oils distilled from plants, trees, roots and seeds) may also be included for improve the results.

The most popular oils are sweet almond oil and avocado oil, but at spa shops or skin care stores the options are highly increased. Sometimes is needed to try out with some oils until find the ideal according to the individual preference and their therapeutic benefits.

Note that some oils are more likely to leave the skin greasy after a session; others go rancid rapidly and take on a disagreeable smell; and other oils may even irritate skin or cause allergic reactions. To conserve the oil, keep them in a fresh place when not in use. Here are some popular choices:

Almond Oil
Emollient that also aids the skin to balance its loss and absorption of moisture.

Apricot Oil
It is especially useful for dehydrated, mature and sensitive skin.

Jojoba Oil
Due to its antibacterial properties, it is helpful for back acne.

Coconut Oil
It is slow to oxidize because of its elevated saturated fat content.

Sunflower Oil
It is rich in the basic fatty acids that compound a healthy skin.

Avocado Oil
It has emollient properties, particularly with dry or mature skin.

Grapeseed Oil
It has regenerative properties plus a skin moisturizing value.

Other Oils
Sesame oil is useful for nourishing and detoxifying the tissues.

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