Handheld Massagers They provide a deep, penetrating massage on the hands and frequently to other areas of the body, too. The massagers are shaped in the form of hands and they fit comfortably into the person’s hands. They are available in numerous styles and sizes, and are customized according to specific forms of massage.
There are massaging hands in a regular form and also a vibrating version that uses battery. The vibrating massagers have several massage styles like vibrating, pulsing, kneading and heat feature. The Hand Wizard is a very popular set of massagers that works on the fingers and palms knots relieving the tired deep tissue.
The Orbit Massager is a tool that includes a directional massage ball designed for provides pressure to the trigger points of the body. It’s sometimes utilized in acupressure therapy. A similar device is the knuckle baller hand massager.
Chinese Harmony Balls are another type of hand massagers that is employed rotating them through the fingers with the aim of stimulates the reflex spots. It is based on the principles of reflexology.
Other handheld Massagers are: massage pens, backnobbers, dual finger, octopus massagers, baby massagers, scalp massagers and Thera Canes among others.
Foot Massagers Designed to alliviate the aches from the feet and the contiguos zones, they are a common massage equipment with several types massagers that can involve heat or water, with vibrating massaging mechanisms or completely manual.
Foot bath water massager is a tool used in hot tubs that includes heated, bubbling jet action and massaging foot pads. They are also various types of foot boots, shoes and even sandals with foot massaging mechanisms in which patients only has to introduce their feet. Other massagers come in a pillow shape, where pacients just have to lay their feet across the vibrating, massaging platform.
There are foot massagers that also provide massages for the calves and ankles. The massage mechanism uses a technique of vibration and strong kneading actions.
The traditional foot massagers are based on the theory of acupressure and release, rolling the feet to stimulate the energy points. These massagers are composed of a set of horizontal, ridged rollers.
Hot & Cold Stones Used in hot stone massage, they are based on the former medicine to relax and cure the body and mind. The therapeutic stones have "magical" properties due to their metamorphic features that allow them maintain a stable temperature for a long time.
Every stone is hand carved and polished by a skilled craftsman to attain a smooth, shiny surface. One side has a raised and rounded surface for acupressure therapy, while the other side is designed to border the body, ideal for deep massage.
The stones differ in number and size, from fairly small stones for the face and toes, to larger stones for the back and legs. Normally the stones are heated by putting them in hot water for a short time; or chilled by putting them in the refrigerator until the preferred temperature is reached.
Body stone sessions are very pleasant and are effective in providing relief from arthritis, headaches, muscle and joint aches, swollen puffy eyes and feet/hands pain.
Hot & Cold Therapy Pillows They easily deliver relaxation and can be used on different areas of the body, particularly the neck, back and feet. Therapy (modular) pillows are recommended by physicians to help patients recuperate from diverse kinds of surgery, sprains, and pains. They can be employed just to attain body's comfort, too.
Pillows have pockets and spaces in them for the insertion of heat or cold gel packs. The gel packs can maintain their temperature for hours. A well-known hot and cold therapy is the use of Buckwheat Pillows, which provides relief from back and neck pain, sleeplessness and muscle tension. Other pillows contain a vibrating massage mechanism.
The different forms of therapeutic pillows include “U-shape” for neck and the “rectangle shape” for the back. Other types of cushions used to support correct posture include lumbar rolls, back trouble cushions and shaped pillows for between the knees.

Other Tools Back Extension, Spinal Decompression, Headache Relief, Inversion Therapy tools, Oriental Massage kits, Reflexology tools (charts, gloves, mats and socks), Pet massager tools, Sensual massage kits.

    : It is employed by practitioners to position the patient to receive a massage...
    : Ergonomically designed, it has an analogous function to a massage table...
    : Relaxing water systems composed by buoyancy, heat, and massage...
    : It contains elements for nourishing the skin and promoting well-being...