Massage Table It is widely employed by practitioners to position the patient to receive a massage. The majority are manufactured taking into account the client’s comfort and the therapist ergonomics.

A usual commercial table has a simply cleaned, heavily padded surface, and a horseshoe-shaped head support that permits the patient to respire effortlessly while lying face down.

There exist stationary and portable tables, depending on the intended apply. Other accessories like additional padding or supports are sometimes added to the basic table. Often a massage table includes an orthopedic pillow or bolster that helps correcting the body positioning.

According to the forms of massage, these are the suggested tables:
    • For on-site treatment: portable tables, because they are lightweight and compact.
    • For combination therapies: hydraulic or electrically adjustable tables.
    • For sports massage: tables with an extra strong top, lightweight foam and durable vinyl.
    • For Reiki and Reflexology: tables with special end panels for comfortable, easily access to patients while seated.
    • For Shiatsu: convertible tables that simply and instantly folds flat to provide a firmly padded work surface for kneeling.
    • For Feldenkrais: tables with the lowest height array and firmest foam for maximum stability and sensory feedback.
    • For CranioSacral therapy: firm but comfortable tables with leg room at the head and foot of the table for seated work.
    • For spa treatment: multi-adjustable tables or a wet treatment table.
In any case, all massage tables must share these characteristics: strength, stability, density of the foam, durability of the vinyl, versatility, warranty and affordability. The accessories may include: adjustable face rest, face hole, headrests, armrests, table extensions, foot Rests, bolsters, electric table warmers, pregnancy table option, upholstery options, etc.

    : Ergonomically designed, it has an analogous function to a massage table...
    : Relaxing water systems composed by buoyancy, heat, and massage...
    : It contains elements for nourishing the skin and promoting well-being...
    : Therapeutic stones have "magical" properties due to their metamorphic features...