Massaging Spas A massage session doesnít require too many equipment. In a treatment is more important the skills of the specialist and patientís willingness to receive the therapy than a series of sophisticated tools.

The basic equipment includes a massage table or chair, towels and massage oils, creams, lotions or gels. Sometimes, and according the type of massage, it can also involves relaxation music, healing stones and other mechanical aids.

Following, there is a description of the main tools employed in diverse massage treatments:

Massage Table
It is employed by practitioners to position the patient to receive a massage.

Massage Chair
Ergonomically designed, it has an analogous function to a massage table.

Massaging Spas
Relaxing water systems composed by buoyancy, heat, and massage.

Massage Oil
It contains elements for nourishing the skin and promoting well-being.

Other Equipment
Therapeutic stones have "magical" properties due to their metamorphic features.

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