Nutrition Counseling It is the therapeutic prescription of explicit dietary nutrients to enhance person’s well-being, provided by a nutritional counselor or nutritionist. The prescription includes macronutrients and micronutrients present in plants, foods and other nutritional elements.
A nutritional counselor is an expert in nutritional science that includes: preventive nutrition, ailments related to nutrient deficiencies, and the utilization of nutrient manipulation to improve the clinical response to diseases. Moreover, a nutritionist may also advise people on dietary problems relating to health and optimal nutrition.
Nutrition Counseling is personalized according to the patient's dietary habits and necessities. The treatment is very useful with gastro-intestinal problems, indigestion, stress, obesity and insomnia, among others.
The therapy has well-documented results and today almost all people know that processed foods and high concentrations of trans fats, sodium, sugar and cholesterol are bad for the health.
Color Therapy It is a form of bodywork that uses colors to rebalance cells and stimulate the curative process of the mind and body. Color Theraphy is centered on the belief that shades have positive and negative effects in people due to each color has its own frequency and vibration. The body responds to the vibrational pattern of the colors and works to heal the dysfunction.
Therapists employ specific colored lights to treat certain areas of the body, or apply color mentally, through the influence of suggestion, in order to restore the physical and emotional levels of the patient.
Color therapy not only utilizes light, but also materials and other color elements according to particular forms like Chromotherapy, which employs hues for healing “chakras” or Esogetic Colorpuncture that utilizes the light-energy of stones.
The sessions usually begin and end with a Kirlian photograph (an image of the aura). The therapy is regularly applied in a massage table using crystal gemstones.
Iridology It is an alternative medicine technique based in the belief that patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris can be studied to find out information about presence of diseases. The eyeball is observed as a map dividing the iris into zones, which are related to certain parts of the body.
Iridologists use the charts to recognize dietary deficiencies and the accumulation of toxins in the body. Overactive, inflamed and distressed organs are treated and then corrected through iridology to achieve an optimal health.
A session lasts around an hour and logically requires a photograph of the eyes. If deficiencies are found, some lifestyle changes are necessary to heal the ailment, including dietary, exercise and homeopathic remedies.
Iridology was created by Hungarian Ignatz von Peczely in the 19th century, but the technique is still not supported by any scientific study. In fact, it is considered pseudoscience by the majority of physicians.

Other Techniques Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Therapeutic Ultrasound, Inhalation Therapy, Biofeedback, Orthotics, Osteopathy, Magnetic Therapy.
Crystal-Gem therapy, Chakra Balancing, Feng Shui, Kriya Yoga, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Moxibustion, Naturopathy, Aboriginal Healing.
Integrative Imagery, Bach Flower Therapy, Pilates Method, Brennan Healing, Mattes Method, Body Wraps, Raindrop Technique, Hanna Somatics.
Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Mesotherapy, Handwriting Analysis, Prayer Therapy, Telepathy.

    : It includes all forms of physical activity performed for an injury or illness...
    : It employs small doses of the substance which is causing an illness to cure...
    : It uses plants and plant extracts to a person’s body for healing purposes...
    : It utilizes the "human energy field" described as electromagnetic patterns...
    : Consists on listening filtered music to stimulate the neurological system...
    : Fine, solid needles are introduced into specific spots to alleviate pain...
    : Employs manual therapy including spinal adjustment and soft-tissue manipulation...