Sound Therapy As well as there are a large number of massage techniques, there are also numerous complementary therapy methods, which can be applied before, during and after a massage session, or independently of them; with the aim of improve the results and promote overall well-being.

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However, there isnít a universal rule to determine what treatments are strictly forms of massage and which are just complementary methods. That is why there are various classifications and there isnít consensus, even among specialists. An example is Reflexology.

Taking into account the majority view, these are the most popular complementary therapies around the world:

Exercise Therapy
It includes all forms of physical activity performed for an injury or illness.

It employs small doses of the substance which is causing an illness to cure.

It uses plants and plant extracts to a personís body for healing purposes.

Polarity Therapy
It utilizes the "human energy field" described as electromagnetic patterns.

Sound Therapy
Consists on listening filtered music to stimulate the neurological system.

Fine, solid needles are introduced into specific spots to alleviate pain.

Employs manual therapy including spinal adjustment and soft-tissue manipulation.

Other Complementary
Nutrition Counseling involves dietary nutrients to enhance well-being.

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