Phases of Massages In general, massages have four principal phases of healing:
  1. Relief: The first sessions of massage treatment are focused to alleviate pain, diminish muscle tension and relax nerves. The relief techniques deal with the symptoms of the discomfort.

  2. Correction: Once the pain has vanished, the therapist aims to find the sources of the pain. Methods are orientated to stimulate the lymphatic system and liberate knotted and scarred muscle fibers.

  3. Strengthening: When the affected area is severe injured, strengthening is necessary. Lack of strength in the damage site brings persistent harms. Therapy provides intensification for the tissues around the injury, allowing an adequate support after the damage is cured.

  4. Maintenance: The last phase in healing by massage therapy and the first step in preventing other ailments is the appropriate maintenance. Methods are centered on treating the remaining damage and preventing the incidence of new discomforts.