Massage and Arthritis Arthritis is a frequent chronic ailment. Diverse massage treatments can help relieve the symptoms and improve the quality of life for people affected by the disease. The massage therapies that may be useful for arthritis include: aromatherapy, reflexology, trigger point therapy and any style of massage that works on the body’s joints. Other complementary therapies like exercise or acupuncture are also considered beneficial alleviating the pain. It is common that therapists apply oil or cream massage during treatments.

Arthritis literally means “joint inflammation” and the signs of the ailment generally include: pain, redness, swelling and heat. There are about one hundred different forms of arthritis, but the more common types are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Knowing which type of arthritis patient has, allows therapist to design an especial treatment.

Medically, massage therapy (as an external factor) aid the nervous system to release endorphins, a corporal substance that reduces the pain sensation and the anxiety. Therapists consider that massages also help easing the inflammation produced by the disease.

Massage therapy offers the following benefits:
    • Diminishes pain and inflammation.
    • Improves circulation.
    • Augments flexibility and mobility.
    • Alleviates muscle aches and tension.
    • Provides a feeling of relaxation and wellness.
Better results can be obtained combining massage with regular exercise and other self-care methods. These benefits include:
    • Keeps joints in moving.
    • Fortifies muscles around joints.
    • Maintains bones strong and healthy.
    • Improves fitness by incrementing the body’s energy.
    • Enhances the sleep.
    • Controls the weight.
    • Strengthens the heart.
Heat/Cold treatments can also decrease the pain and stiffness of arthritis. But, if you have visible skin damage, don't use these therapies. It is normal that skin appears pink after using a cold or hot pack. Another good alternative may be yoga.

Be careful when massage therapy is too rough, because it may aggravate arthritis pain and symptoms. Be aware that massage therapy only provide short-term pain relief and that it doesn’t cure or stop the progression of any arthritic condition.

The most important vitamins and minerals to think about if you have arthritis are calcium, vitamin D and iron. Although many people do not know this information, Iron foods helps to form bones. It also contributes to to provide oxygen to muscles and plays a big role in the production and function of blood.

    : Massages are efficient alleviating the aches and enhancing the motion...
    : Treatments place toxins load on the body, which massage aid to remove...
    : Lymph drainage reduces the condition, eliminating the accumulated fluids...
    : Massage therapy diminishes headache occurrence and duration...
    : Massage is effective for pain and fatigue related to the condition...
    : Hidrotherapy and the use of pressure in certain areas help relieve pain...
    : Massage aids to reduce the discomfort and provides well-being to the mother...
    : Massage can redress the flow changes triggered by hormone production...
    : The manipulation of the soft tissue decreases muscular tension and knots....