Massage and Multiple Sclerosis Despite that in most of the cases, massage is not able to cure the ailment, it has probed positive effects relieving the pain related with the diseases and providing mental and physical relax. Massage can be also beneficial for many other purposes including: releasing tension, improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, and decreasing muscular and connective tissue aches.

While the massage is an excellent option in the treatment of certain disorders where having routine massage is recommended; there are some contraindications to the therapy, such as: bleeding conditions, injured blood vessels, weakened bones, fractures and fever.

Massage shouldn't be applied in patients with Phlebitis, Aneurosa, Hematoma, Heart or Lung Disease, Diabetes, Asthma, Chronic Osteoporosis and any other disease that require special medical assistance. In these situations, it is necessary consult an expert doctor before having a massage therapy.

Can Massage Influence Fat Loss Reduction? In addition to relaxation, the only potential benefit of massage is to improve blood circulation, massages do nothing to change the way your body metabolizes food, so 're not experience any increase in calories burned. 10 body fat in men and women is a very healthy range. Since calories are the key to weight loss, a massage is not able to reduce the size of the waist, thighs or buttocks. get to know your body fat withg a Body fat calculator.

Among the most common ailments treated by massage therapies are:

Massage and Arthritis
Heat/Cold treatments can decrease the pain and stiffness of the condition.

Massage and Back Pain
Massages are efficient alleviating the aches and enhancing the motion.

Massage and Cancer
Treatments place toxins load on the body, which massage aid to remove.

Massage and Cellulite
Lymph drainage reduces the condition, eliminating the accumulated fluids.

Massage and Headaches
Massage therapy diminishes headache occurrence and duration.

Massage and Fibromyalgia
Massage is effective for pain and fatigue related to the condition.

Massage and Multiple Sclerosis
Hidrotherapy and the use of pressure in certain areas help relieve pain.

Massage and Pregnancy
Massage aids to reduce the discomfort and provides well-being to the mother.

Massage and Premenstrual Syndrome
Massage can redress the flow changes triggered by hormone production.

Massage and Stress
The manipulation of the soft tissue decreases muscular tension and knots.

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